We provide fire restoration services to facilities that have been affected by fire damage.  In the distressing event that your home or business suffers fire damage or smoke damage, contact your insurance agent/company as soon as possible to report the incident.

Once the facility is deemed safe to enter by the fire brigade and police you need to get in touch with a specialist provider to assist you with the clean-up.  Call us for help. Our restoration technician will begin with an assessment of the site to assess the extent of the damage done by the fire and to determine what items can be saved and how.

We understand that the effects of fire damage are more than at the surface level.

We use specialised chemicals and techniques to ensure that:

  • Debris and unsalvageable items are removed.
  • Soot is removed from surfaces such as ceilings, walls, floors, air vents, ducts, carpets and furniture.
  • Smoke removal and odour control is undertaken to remove the smell of smoke from the facility.
  • Smoke damaged upholstery, furniture and carpets and cleaned and repaired.
  • We can arrange for the repair of fire damaged roofs and coordinate plastering electrical and plumbing work to be undertaken by licenced tradespeople.
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Call our friendly staff now!

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